Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When can kids be enrolled at Grassroots?

A: We enroll students throughout the school year. They can start as five year olds. We generally do not enroll students after the age of eleven unless have been in a similar program elsewhere. Occasionally, we have had high school students but most Grassrooters are ready to move on to more traditional schools at that point.

Q:  What does a typical day at Grassroots School look like?

A:  There is no typical day, when you look around Grassroots School.  You will see children indoors and outdoors, engaged in an individual pursuits or a group efforts, playing games, working on projects, reading, writing, creating, and climbing trees.

Q:  What is the curriculum?

A: Our staff at Grassroots is available to teach the regular core subjects to groups or individuals. The students’ freedom to follow their interests, however, means that no one’s program of activities and study is like any one else’s. It is our experience that, in general, the interdisciplinary nature of self-directed study expands the child’s singular interest into ever enlarging realms of study.

Q:  How are students assessed in a school where there are no grades for performance?

A:  Informal evaluation goes on constantly between staff, parents, and students.Our staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss your child’s experience and progress with you. Grassroots was started by five families who wanted to stay actively involved in the education of their children. Four decades later, families are still encouraged to be an active observers and participants at Grassroots.

Q:  Is Grassroots School able to accommodate my “special needs” child?

A:  The Grassroots School does not label children according to abilities or disabilities. Some children who have been labeled do well given freedom to move around at will and to choose their own activities. We do not have staff that is traditionally trained for special needs children, however,  and some require more support than we can offer.  We are always happy to discuss with you if placement at our school is the best option for your child.