Our Staff

All the staff and volunteers at Grassroots are available to help kids get what they need. We also have specialties that we particularly like to share. Here are some of our skills and the times that we are most often at school:

Amy von Chamier
Subjects: Writing, Current Events, Natural Science

Amy is a graduate of Grassroots Free School and SAIL High School. She studied painting at TCC and FSU. Amy is a Leon/IFAS Master Gardener volunteer. She loves to share her interest in gardening, the natural sciences, art, literature, yoga, bees, flowers, and butterflies with children. Amy is passionate about freedom and democracy in education.

Brandi Johnson
Subjects: Photography, Early Reading, Early Math

Brandi and her family joined Grassroots in 2014 with the enrollment of her daughter, Kathryn. Brandi’s unique way of communicating and connecting with students enables her to help resolve disputes, inspire curiosity, and encourage expression in kids big and small.

Chloe Marshall
Editor of Grassroots Student Times
Subjects: Writing, Science, Culture, Sewing, Design and Construction, Bookmaking

Chloe is our senior staff member. Five of her children and two grandchildren have attended Grassroots School. Her wisdom and experience are valuable to us all.

Kim Weinrich (CAO)
Subjects: Intermediate and Middle School Math, Social Studies

Kim joined Grassroots in 2008 when her children Ethan and Devin were enrolled. She became director in 2016, the same year her youngest daughter, Abigail, started at Grassroots. Kim graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in child development. She has worked with children in the field of education for over 20 years.

Robin Jackson
Robin Jackson
Subjects: Theater, Music

Robin Jackson is a Tallahassee native who grew up surrounded by the Grassroots school and community. For the past six years she has performed with Artspot: Educational Theatre, an international touring company bringing English educational children’s theatre to over fifteen countries. As well as performing, Robin led and developed “Teaching Through Theatre” workshops for teachers and students around the world. She holds an AS in Musical Theatre from Florida School of the Arts as well as a BFA in Musical Theatre from University of Central Florida.

Rosalie Flummer
Subjects: Cooking, Food and Nutrition, Art

Rosalie is a native of Tallahassee. Her journey at Grassroots began with the enrollment of her son Ty in 2016. Her daughter Zuri followed in 2018. Rosalie attended Lively Tech Culinary School and furthered her knowledge of food in the kitchen at New Leaf Market. She was raised in a family where art was a strong constant and it continues to be a passion of hers.

Shaney Collins
Subjects: Environmental Science, Drumming

Shaney joined the Grassroots community in 2015 when her daughter enrolled as a student. As a parent, she volunteered whenever she could, where she particularly enjoyed engaging in D&D and storytelling time with the kids. In her spare time, Shaney likes to either create music or research different topics such as climate change, the human microbiome, and natural medicine, to name a few. She also believes that integrating climate change and energy education into all subjects will prepare students for a future built on innovation and Green STEM career opportunities.

While our core staff have a reasonably predictable schedule, students, parents, and volunteers lead activities too. Upcoming projects are discussed in our weekly meeting (PowWow). Announcements and sign-up sheets are posted on the entry bulletin board. A weekly schedule of activities is passed out on Thursdays and the day’s activities are posted on the Entry chalk board. We ring a bell to announce the beginning of most group activities.