Our Staff

All the staff and volunteers at Grassroots are available to help kids get what they need. We also have specialties that we particularly like to share. Here are some of our skills and subjects that we are most often “teaching” at school:

Kim Weinrich (CAO)
Subjects: Intermediate and Middle School: Math, Social Studies, Creative Writing; Art, Theater

Kim joined Grassroots in 2008 when her children Ethan and Devin were enrolled. She became director in 2016, the same year her youngest child started at Grassroots. Kim graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in child development. She has worked with children in the field of education for over 20 years.


Brandi – Staff
Subjects: Early Reading, Early Math, Spelling, Projects


Devin – Staff
Subjects: Games, Reading, Projects, Requests


Donna – Staff
Subjects: Cooking, Yoga, Hiking Club


Brian – Staff
Subjects: Middle School Writing, Middle School Science


David – Staff
Subjects: Gardening, Computers, Requests


Jasmine – Staff
Subjects: Extended Care



While our core staff has a reasonably predictable schedule, students, parents, and volunteers lead activities too. Upcoming projects are discussed in our weekly meeting (Council). Announcements and sign-up sheets are posted on the entry bulletin board. A weekly schedule of activities is passed out on Thursdays and the day’s activities are posted on the Entry chalkboard. We ring a bell to announce the beginning of most group activities.