Birthday Party fundraiser 2017

Sign with list of activities
There was something for everyone at the Grassroots Birthday Party on March 4.

Grassroots School celebrates its 45th year of providing freedom in education. The Grassroots Community, which surrounds the school, is celebrating its 35th year. Together, we had a gathering on March 4, 2017, that included a benefit sale, a cake walk, dinner, and a performance of “March Forth”–an original variety show.

Thank you to everyone who took part in making the Birthday Party happen! We also want to thank everyone who came out to support us and share in all the fun.

We provide a truly alternative education for students in Leon County. Our students are free to explore their passions and interests with the guiding help of our staff. Read more about our philosophy here.

The Birthday Party is one of our largest fundraisers each year, but we appreciate donations at any time. Please consider Grassroots School when you are thinking about your charitable activity.

Bright balloons and colorful hubcap art lined the porch
Bright balloons and colorful hubcap art lined the porch.
Two women talking to a man with a mustache. One woman has blonde hair and the other has dark hair.
School Board Member Rosanne Wood shared her memories of Grassroots’ founding director Pat Seery.
Two men and woman standing in a row, smiling. The man on the left is wearing a baseball cap, the man in the middle has on a knit cap and glasses, and the woman on the end has short hair and glasses.
Our families and friends got to catch up.
Two men in aprons serving food.
We had plenty of good food to share and enjoy.
A medium size dog with pointy ears and multi-color fur. The dog is lying on the ground looking at the camera.
Even our four-legged friends dropped in to say hello.
A girl with dark hair smiles big for the camera. In the background is a boy also smiling big for the camera.
Everyone put on a smile for the camera.
Two little girls standing in front of a stage, talking.
Friends waited for the start of the “March Forth” performance.
Five people of different ages and genders playing acoustic instruments.
Musicians of all ages provided songs for the “March Forth” performance.
Several kids ranging in age from 8 or so to early teens.
“March Forth” had a mix of comedy skits, dance, and song performances.
Young girl with blond hair singing. There is a rainbow behind her.
This rendition of “Tomorrow” from Annie was a showstopper.
A girl and boy sitting on stage, smiling.
There was lots of applause and good cheer for our young performers.
Three girls on stage with flowers and colorful costumes.
All of the performers were stars!
A group of men and women playing acoustic instruments.
Jan led a jam session at the end of the evening.