“…Children have an innate joy for learning.  All Grassroots did was encourage and help me maintain this natural joy of learning until it became ingrained in me so no amount of public schooling could kill it.  All it took was 4 years, ages 7-11, and now after 10 years of college, not to mention 6 years of middle school and high school, I still really enjoy learning, not education but learning.  I believe outside of loving a child and making a child feel loved, there is no greater gift than teach a child to love learning.”  Kipp Ortiz, former Grassroots student

“So that makes it six children from our family who have enjoyed the benefits of what is one of the most marvelous educational experiences in America.  Each of them in their own way are continuing the process of becoming fully free yet conscientious human beings.”  Shimon Gottschalk, former Grassroots parent

“…the freedom to control my academic destiny proved to be better preparation for college and the workplace than I realized at the time. I studied English and math, science and vocabulary, but I learned discipline and responsibility.”   Joe Anderson, former Grassroots student

“And any nay-sayers out there who believe that kids won’t learn without structure should take note of the fact that after I left Grassroots I was Valedictorian of my high school and I graduated Cum Laude from FSU. I note these things not because I think they are important or because I want to toot my own horn, but because it goes to show that Grassroots works.”  Mary Wharton, former student and Grammy Award winner

“The noble idea that education should be a student’s choice, not a dictated outside decision was hard-wired in my brain for good.” Ben Pleiffer, former Grassroots Student