The Grassroots Chickens

This is the first in a series of student-produced blogs. Look for more coming soon!

The chickens have already grown a lot since we got them!

We wanted Grassroots to get chickens, so I brought it up at Pow-wow and asked if we could get them.

First we had to build a coop. Tristan’s grandpa, Chris, helped us build a chicken coop that looks like a tractor. It is all wood, and the roof opens, and it has wheels. It took a long time to build the Chicken Tractor. We finished the Chicken Tractor in the fall,  and then, we had to wait until spring to get chicks.

Peanut, Cream Cheese, Lucy, and Blackberry

The chicks’ names are Peanut, Cream cheese, Blackberry and Lucy. Sometimes I catch grasshoppers for them. It is exciting to watch them eat the grasshoppers. They are feisty, and they chase each other around and try to take the grasshopper from each other. When we hold them, we have to wash our hands afterwards, because they could have salmonella — and they poop a lot.

I think they like the outdoors. At first we kept them in classroom in a terrarium, with a light and a heating pad. Now that they are bigger we move them outside each morning to a bigger cage for now, until they get older. When they are old enough we will move them into the chicken tractor. I hope the chickens live a happy life, and I can’t wait until they start laying eggs.

— Charlotte