Painting Meeting Hall, Day 2


GR Paint 12

Several Grassroots families and staff members came out to the school on Oct. 18 and 19 to prep and put the first coat of paint on Meeting Hall. We are having another painting session on Oct. 25 and 26th and can always use the extra help. Remember, the work counts toward Parent Participation Hours! Thank you to everybody who has pitched in and a big thanks to Kim for organizing it all!

Many of the photos below were cropped and edited by one of our students as he is learning how to use Photoshop.


GR Paint 15 GR Paint 14

GR Paint 3

GR Paint 13 GR Paint 11 GR Paint 10 gr paint 9 GR Paint 8 GR Paint 7 GR Paint 6 GR Paint 5 GR Paint 4